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Thank you for your time and attention. We are sure that introducing you to our products they will win you over, they'll touch you and you'll fall in love with them, just as it happened to us who have conceived their creation and followed their set-up.

We produce natural wool, certified in all of its phases. And to do it we accept no compromises, nor shortcuts, we do it Naturally.


Blu, Legno di campeggio ossidato

Azzurro antico europeo, Guado

Giallo, Reseda

Rosso, Cocciniglia

Verde sfumato, Guado e Reseda

The wool comes from sheep bred in the very heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Italy, in the province of L'Aquila, from one single farm. The breed is "Gentile di Puglia", one of the original Italian Merino derived.

Yarn-dyeing takes place inside handmade closets through plants cultivated in the region of Marche by the "Maestro Tintore", the master dyer, or from plants and colours which are 100% natural, certified by Consorzio Arianne.

The result is a timeless wool skein, in the traditional outstanding and unforgettable Italian way. Its beauty is more than fashionable, it's ancestral.

100% Stile Naturale Italiano



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